Pushing Sharia

Pushing Sharia
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Think of Scripture Day and Night

Joshua is a remarkable book because of the way God often speaks to Joshua and Israel and leads them to success in every endeavor. This is a book that is so fun to read and just treasure the miracles throughout. Yet God Makes one statement to Joshua that should also capture our attention. He tells Joshua to be sure to read the Law of Moses often and to think about it "day and night." How is that for a clear command? All I can think is that God cares deeply that we study the scriptures and review it in our minds regularly. I believe God wants us to study the scriptures on our own and contemplate them in our own mind. He could have very easily said study scripture in Bible Class at Church and discuss it among yourselves. Just as Paul and Silas could have held a Bible Study in prison; Paul knew the scriptures well enough to give a sermon there. But instead Paul worshiped and prayed. Then Jesus rescued him. So what God is saying to Joshua is to become a student of scripture on a personal level. Our job is to know the scripture so well that verses of it easily flow off the tip of our tongues and we delight in Jesus' guidance for daily living. Then when we go to church, put the Bible away and focus on prayer and worship because Jesus told us he is right in our midst. The Bible cannot join our worship because the Bible is passive. So lets be careful that we do not focus on the Bible in church gatherings and ignore the Father, Jesus and Spirit. Instead, keep its tenets flowing through our minds on an individual basis, guiding us and cleaning our hearts from temptation. This is what I do and the Bible content I ponder are the miracles of Joshua, Moses, Jesus and the Apostles. Never forget that is where the power is for your daily living so relentlessly keep focused there "day and night" as God desires you do. But make God and Jesus are the center of everywhere you go in Church. Don't let the passive Bible require you focus your church time on it. If you do that, God, Jesus and the Spirit will feel painfully ignored.

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