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Magic in Camp Northern Wild
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Wantin of Jesus

TO KNOW THE REAL LONGING OF THE CHRIST FOR YOU. That's the measure of His hunger to Hold your life/ In His Awesome arms that rule the universe--and you. How bout letting Him Know your interest/ At His lovely longing to Hold your precious soul in His Heavenly arms. Then you can relish the Feel/ Of the Master's touch upon your simple life and become a liver of His glory through ya.

The Care of Jesus

TO BE SURE, IT'S FUN TO GATHER THE NATURE OF THE CHRIST. Cause He happens to reign over all of us eternally whether we care to acknowledge it not. Most, of course won't. But you can be so different. Instead, take sharp hold of the Messiah based on His precious longing to cherish you. We find His description of how He felt for Jerusalem here: "I have often wanted to gather your people, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. But you wouldn’t let me." (Luke 13:34). What a sweet expression from our Dear Saviour. That His heart would hunger to gather people under His spectacular wings and care for them. Tragic, much of Jerusalem wouldn't go for it. But you sure can. Know this day He feels the exact same thing for your soul and life and longs to hold you in His glorious arms. Faithful Jesus, we do ask that You would grant us soft hearts so we are willing to welcome Your dear care. In Your name, amen.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Heaven ain't an Easy Destination

KNOW THAT YOU CAN GET THERE. But Heaven, really, is a tough spot to achieve. However, for sure you can get there and enjoy an eternal happiness a million times better than your life here. So go for it! But now, be sure you always keep in your mind the difficulty of finding it and knowing that the devil in you shall always work hard to prevent your arrival there. He does that 24x7, even when you sleep. As the evil idiot knows well, from trillions of years of experience, how to turn folks his wicked way. But you can understand better: "24 Do all you can to go in by the narrow door! A lot of people will try to get in, but will not be able to." (Luke 13:24). Yep, that's the opportunity and truth that few actually get to Heaven (in me). So make it your life's work to steadily and constantly talk with the Trinity. Exchanges with Them, above all, is the key. Fair Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to walk with You so we can get to Heaven. In Your awesome name, amen.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Real Religion Entails Freedom

REAL RELIGION IS ATTAINABLE. Not from people, of course. Cause folks tend to do it wrong./ But you can get a handle on the matter and start living religion properly, enjoying Freedom./ Since Freedom happens to be the very eternal nature of the Messiah, our dear Leader./ So be about living a free religious life that blesses you and Others with unbridled joy.

Eschew Bogus Religion

FUNNY HOW RELIGION OFTEN ENDS UP BEIN DESTRUCTIVE. That's cause people are people and we have a tendency to be legalistic to others and easy on ourselves. So much better to be the judge of others and then have fun sinning whenever. That's not at all the thinking of the Trinity who shall always be prompting you to do religion the right way. A nice way to comprehend what real religion looks like is consider this: "16 This woman belongs to the family of Abraham, but Satan has kept her bound for eighteen years. Isn’t it right to set her free on the Sabbath?” 17 Jesus' words made his enemies ashamed. But everyone else in the crowd was happy about the wonderful things he was doing." (Luke 13:16-17). Point here being that somebody attacked the Lord for healing on the Sabbath. Hence his response: real religion is about helping others, not being a legalistic fool. Curious how even ignorant legalists were ashamed at His teaching here. Precious Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to think like You and do religion right. In Your name, amen. Peace of Christ to you.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Enjoy a Peaceful Life

THERE'S GREAT REASON TO LIVE PEACEFULLY. Not, of course, something the world offers. Unless you happen to be a lucky inheritor of family wealth. But most of us must struggle through existence. So it bears examination from whence true peace flows. Always better to savor peace flowing into ya, rather than the typical stress most choose. Ponder this verse: "I tell you not to worry about your life! Don’t worry about having something to eat or wear. 23 Life is more than food or clothing. 24 Look at the crows! They don’t plant or harvest, and they don’t have storehouses or barns. But God takes care of them. You are much more important than any birds." (Luke 12:22-24). There ya have it. You are far more important to your Creator than birds. And they, for sure, live way peaceful lives. So yours should be even more contented. But you need to approach it with the right mind. Like this teaches. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to be peaceful for You. In Your holy name, amen.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

That's Grandeur, a New Lexus!

YEAH, GO OUT IN AMERICA AND YA GET TO SEE HOT NEW CARES EVERYWHERE. Seems we have many clever folks/ Cruising the streets in their new luxury rides so all can see their vast Wisdom./ But happily, thanks to our loving Master Jesus, we can enjoy His Perspective upon the idea./ Yep, to His Glory, He comes right out and says this greed is utter stupidity!

A New BMW is the Answer!

YES, I SEE COUNTLESS NEW BMW'S ON THE ROAD NEAR ME. Seems many know that's the joy in life and find utter happiness cruising the streets with a new BMW every four years. Great way to avoid being wealthy long term. But sure delights the devil who inspires many to go for this happiness. Helps, though, to gain a better angle on this outlook. Consider what the Messiah says: "15 Then he said to the crowd, “Don’t be greedy! Owning a lot of things won’t make your life safe.” (Luke 12:15). Hmm, a new BMW is about as visible portrayal of greed as you can get. Funny so many people bite this hook and delight in showing their idiocy to the world. Thankfully, here our dear Master casts honest truth upon the topic.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fear God

YES, THE RULER OF OUR UNIVERSE IS A SCARY FORCE. Why? Cause He holds the power to decide where you spend eternity. And the importance of that can't be overstated. Know that He reigns over you all the time in absolute control of your destiny. He created Satan trillions of years ago to dwell in you so He can play the life game. It's like this: The devil in you constantly yanks you toward evil. And the Trinity upon your head more gently prompts you to turn the other way. Which way ya gonna go? How bout think this: "5 God is the one you must fear. Not only can he take your life, but he can throw you into hell. God is certainly the one you should fear!" (Luke 12:5). There ya have it. The truth of scripture says the same sort of thing I just presented. Now, you have the vast fortune to always adore God and give Him the just regard of your heart. I do this constantly since He lives in me. Awesome God, we do ask that You would help us to fear You and always admire Your glory. In Your great name, amen! May Heaven open and the glory of God fall upon you.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Heaven Shine

SHINING. That's the key to broadcasting a look to others that can capture hearts about you and/ Lead them toward your saviour. Who, of course, Longs for You to get so pure that your eyes light Brilliantly./ Then you and Him can be about not only making your life right, but also impacting others for good./ Who in turn can savor the joy of seeing the pure, brilliant Heaven Light appear in your eyes.

Eyes Tell a lot

INTERESTING WHAT A HUGE ROLE EYES PLAY. You can see this when you develop the habit of judging people by the look in their eyes. Since, as the Christ says, eyes are the window to the soul. Hence His interest in cleaning eye house. We can learn from Him on the topic: "34 Your eyes are the lamp for your body. When your eyes are good, you have all the light you need. But when your eyes are bad, everything is dark. 35 So be sure that your light isn’t darkness. 36 If you have light, and nothing is dark, then light will be everywhere, as when a lamp shines brightly on you." (Luke 11:34-36). Gaining bright, pure eyes happens to be a worthy goal. Since everybody can clearly see what emits from your eyes. Including, the Messiah. So be attentive to keeping your heart pure and with less sin, so the light that shines from there in you is attractive. Holy Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to be pure enough that our eyes can shine with light from You. In Your name, amen.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Most Blessed Souls Upon the Earth

THERE'S AN ENCHANTED PLACE THAT EVERYBODY CAN ENTER. It's that destination of hearing the gospel and then obeying it. But not only that. Also then learning and obeying as much as possible of the Bible. That's the Trinity's choice for teaching you. As well as constantly prompting you to pursue the same. We can hear the voice of the Christ on this topic this way: "28 Jesus replied, “That’s true, but the people who are really blessed are the ones who hear and obey God’s message!” (Luke 11:28). So it's not just getting saved, it's also then walking closely with the Trinity so you can constantly supercede the devil's regular tug at your soul to do the wrong thing. That's his dream for you. But by first getting saved and then often reaching for the Trinity, you can enjoy a lovely walk with them that gets you for sure to Heaven. Dear Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to turn to You and then regularly walk with You. In Your name, amen.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spirit Wine

YEP, THERE'S AN AWESOME POWER THAT AWAITS YA. If you can gather the heart to reach for it./ It's the lovely Holy Spirit that the Father so longs to put in your heart and enjoy that fellowship./ Not hard to achieve as a run toward eternity in this world. Rather, it's a so attainable way/ That once in you feels like the best Wine known to humanity. A high you can't find elsewhere.

Grasping the Treasure

THERE'S A DELIGHTFUL BOUNTY AVAILABLE TO ALL. It appears when folks get a clue and simply ask the Father to grant them that precious gift He offers. It's the powerful Holy Spirit. The Force that can so alter your life to be way better and engage you in exciting adventure only the dear Spirit can contrive. Remember, Luke's entirely a Spirit marvel. So hear the wonder of this tremendous joy for your life: "But your heavenly Father is even more ready to give the Holy Spirit to anyone who asks." (Luke 11:13). Yeah, that's the happy reality: the gracious enormous God longs to pour out His dear Spirit upon you. And you, therefore, can imbibe often upon the best Wine known to humanity. So go for it! I do constantly, since the Trinity live in me. Unlike you and the other six billion in our world who have Satan in them. But you sure can participate in spite of the devil's constant tug toward Hell. Awesome God, we do ask that You would help us to welcome your incredible Spirit into our lives. In Your name, amen.

Friday, June 26, 2015


THERE'S A WAY OF THINKING THAT CAN GRANT HELP. It really isn't difficult but runs entirely opposite to the constant pull of Satan in your person. Your whole life he has a priority that you remain as physical as possible and realize that you must struggle in life to gain anything. No free gifts out there. Since the evil boy's (who rapes me and I hate fiercely) mission is to keep you always apart from Heaven. But you can live this better. Ponder this from the Messiah: "9 So I tell you to ask and you will receive, search and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you. 10 Everyone who asks will receive, everyone who searches will find, and the door will be opened for everyone who knocks." (Luke 11:9-10). What's the point here? Well, it's the notion that you can ever ask for the help of the lovely Trinity. This is their dream for your life. But know they work in the world as partners of Satan. Their joy is the dynamic of seeing people like you get a clue and choose to ask for Jesus's help. Wonderful Christ, we so ask that You would help us to always ask for Your precious help in life. In Your name, amen.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Best Prayer Method

PRAYING HAPPENS TO BE THE BEST ACTIVITY OF LIFE. This due to the Wondrous Holy energy captured there./ Yeah, you can often touch the Trinity in Heaven merely by adoring them from your Lips./ Then the fabric of your life becomes exciting as all of life power Flows from the soul who praises./ It's really Magical when you stretch to become a selfless praising soul.

Prayer Priority

PRAYING HAPPENS TO BE THE PATH TO GREATNESS. Huh? Ain't that sort of needy to be forever asking for help from above? Not really, given that God longs for your attentiveness to Him. So the best course is learn how to pray. Since church won't provide the proper approach. I say this, having been in many churches across the country and Puerto Rico. So what's lacking in church? Praise. That happens to be the most important side of prayin. Hear from the Master the correct way to pray: "2 So Jesus told them, “Pray in this way: ‘Father, help us to honor your name." (Luke 11:2). In the eyes of the Christ, adoring God happens to be the absolute best way to pray. So do this in your life and stretch there in church when ya can. Then just maybe your church can act more properly. Heavenly Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to pray like this. In Your name, amen. Peace of the Spirit to you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Prescription for Eternal Life

ALWAYS HELPS TO UNDERSTAND CLEARLY THE PATH TO ETERNAL LIFE. Since life in Heaven (my soul) is a million times better than life in the body. You can get their with ease provided you play it right. There is obvious guidance from the Christ on how to get there, that can be done with His divine help. Here's the way: "27 The man replied, “The Scriptures say, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind.’ They also say, ‘Love your neighbors as much as you love yourself.’” (Luke 10:27). So the simple way to get to that extraordinary life in Heaven is to above all adore the Father and His Son. They so wish you do this. Since fellowship with Them provides great benefits. Remember, They shall always be prompting you to do this upon your head. So respond and often talk with them and desire Their presence strongly upon your life. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to love God well. In Your name, amen.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Spirit High

YEAH, YOU CAN FREELY ENJOY THE GREATEST THRILL FOR NOTHIN. Happens to be connecting with the Holy Spirit./ Not difficult, once you choose to invite Him into your soul. He so desires That./ Hence your calling this day is fashion your heart into a Spirit thirst. Then He for sure shall come upon you./ And along with that you get to Treasure the joy of His dear guidance that does bring way Life.

Get High on the Free Drug

DRUGS CAN BE FUN. Only problem, is they run out and ya gotta continue the costlier endeavor of buying and taking more. There's a better way. Think about the Messiah approach that fueled His ministry and delighted His soul. Now, when God enjoys the Spirit, maybe you oughta do the same. Cause once you properly connect with the Holy Spirit on a regular basis, then the wonder of His movement in your person brings a delight unknown in the world. You can imbibe upon this. Hear the example of the Master on the topic: "21 At that same time, Jesus felt the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit,[h] and he said: My Father, Lord of heaven and earth, I am grateful that you hid all this from wise and educated people and showed it to ordinary people. Yes, Father, that is what pleased you." (Luke 10:21). Here we see why Luke is a Spirit book and a great treatise for you to learn. So, when the Saviour feels joy from the Spirit, you really need to partake in the same way. Know that He longs for your interest in Him. Awesome Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to welcome the Spirit into our lives. In Your name, amen.

Monday, June 22, 2015

How to Beat Satan

THIS WORK IS AMONG THE MOST IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE. Since the devil lives in you your whole life and strives to get you to Hell. That's his home and where countless souls go since most ignore the Trinity. But you can do differently. Once ya understand the reality of the evil boy. Who loves to rape me. What a joke. So hear this from our dear Saviour: "18 Jesus told them: I saw Satan fall from heaven like a flash of lightning. 19 I have given you the power to trample on snakes and scorpions and to defeat the power of your enemy Satan." (Luke 10:18-19). Indeed, this power overcome every bad thing in the world can be yours today. I have it and you can have a flavor of that. So devote your heart to always defeating the tug of Satan upon your Soul and hand your life victory to the Christ. Dear Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to beat the devil. In Your name, amen.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Being Better

TO THINK BETTER HAPPENS TO BE THE STUFF OF LIFE. You can do this. Knowing that the Trinity ever/ Reach for your heart to often respond and talk with Them. That Thrills Their heart. So do it./ Then you can Savor the wonder of a sweet walk with the glorious Trinity and propels you to goodness./ Knowing that Achieving such a Plateau shall grant you vast joy only found in Them.

Heart Hardness

THERE'S A MALADY THAT SEEMS TO AFFECT MOST. It's the fact that nearly all managed to ignore the Trinity's prompting upon them their whole lives. Instead, folks seem to enjoy the fellowship with Satan. This gets them to a fitting life in Hell. Since Hell is about sinning and being toasted at times. But you can do better. Consider this: "You people of Chorazin are in for trouble! You people of Bethsaida are also in for trouble! If the miracles that took place in your towns had happened in Tyre and Sidon, the people there would have turned to God long ago. They would have dressed in sackcloth and put ashes on their headsat gets them into Hell." (Luke 10:13). So your goal is operate exactly the opposite and most and fight against the devil's yank at your soul to be stupid like these towns. Instead, be a person ever willing to talk with the Trinity and welcome Their touch. Holy Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to walk with you toward goodness. In Your name, amen.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How does Greatness Look?

THERE'S A CLEAR DIRECTION ON WHAT GREATNESS LOOKS LIKE. Pretty simple. To become like a child. That makes sense to me since I don't sin and always behave as a young kid. You can sorts do the same. It just requires being around kids under 9 years old and observing how they behave. What's important to them? Jesus teaches upon this when presenting the treasure of children: "Whichever one of you is the most humble is the greatest.” (Luke 9:48). So take this verse to heart and start thinking that way, know the devil hates such an approach. He so wants you to remain a adult thinking person who treasure adult values. Like buying a new BMW. But you can play life so much better. Instead, think about what kids treasure and then act that way.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Faith Taking Off

IT'S TRUE, FAITH CAN SHINE THROUGH US. All we need to do is get our heads on Straight and allow faith/ To take hold in our spirits and then work powerfully for enormous good for others. Then we can share/ In the wonder of the Messiah's power working through Us. And that glowing reigns way Beyond anything else./ So, this day, the opportunity and question sits in your lap. Are ya gonna partake or live a dead life?

Beauty of Faith

FAITH LIVIN HAPPENS TO BE THE CURRENCY OF A GREAT LIFE. Question being, do you want to participate? Granted, building and living faith goes fully against the devil's pull at your heart to be a fully worldly soul. Devoted to his paltry plan to get you to Hell. But you can do better. Try seriously hearing the teaching of our Saviour and then get busy doin it. Here we get to hear from the Christ: "41 Jesus said to them, “You people are stubborn and don’t have any faith! How much longer must I be with you? Why do I have to put up with you?”Then Jesus said to the man, “Bring your son to me.” 42 While the boy was being brought, the demon attacked him and made him shake all over. Jesus ordered the demon to stop. Then he healed the boy and gave him back to his father. 43 Everyone was amazed at God’s great power." (Luke 9:41-43). Here we have the luxury of seeing how faith should work right. Surprisingly, the apostles were unable to heal this kid. But joyfully, our dear Master applies His soaring power to fix the situation. And, of course, all are amazed. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would increase our faith to be big enough to heal like this. In Your name, amen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hold to Him to Live Right

THERE'S A MOUNTAIN OF GOOD FAVOR THAT AWAITS YA. You can share in it provided that you go there./ Knowing that the sweet Christ ever longs for your soul to think right and allow His teachin to get ya./ Then you can savor the Wonder of His touch always hungering for your soul in spite of Satan's tempts./ So your callin is to just dwell upon His glory and teaching and then arrive in that Happy spot.

A Perspective upon how to Live Life

WE DO GET AN INSIGHT UPON THE PROPER WAY TO THINK. Happens to be that the Messiah has a view that can be ours. Provided that we can get a grip and live it with courage. Ain't easy. But so doable, provided we can understand the magnitude of how to dwell upon life with His sort of wisdom. We find His description this way: "23 Then Jesus said to all the people: If any of you want to be my followers, you must forget about yourself. You must take up your cross each day and follow me. 24 If you want to save your life,[f] you will destroy it. But if you give up your life for me, you will save it." (Luke 9:23-24). Here's the scale of how to operate. Think this way. Then you can regularly enjoy the companionship of the Christ who dwells for life upon your head prompting you to think this way. Tragically, most ignore His entreaties and make it to Hell. But you can be smarter. Simply heed this guidance and carry it out. Lovely Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to think like this. In Your name, amen. Peace of Christ to you.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Be a Messenger of Life

FINDING SOULS IN SEARCH OF SALVATION. That's ought to be the goal of all believers. Cause they are/ So out there all them time feeling empty and not quite sure what the nature of the problem is./ But you can be the precious soul who constantly looks for them and then leads them to life./ And, as you know, that life is so precious and fullfilling that bringing it is exciting.

There are Good Ground Souls Out there

IT BEARS THOUGHT, THAT THERE SHALL AWAYS BE people with open hearts seeking the truth. Since the Trinity are always upon their hears prompting them to seek a relationship. So our job becomes that of finding those folks and then sharing the good news with them, which they gladly receive. Jesus, addresses this: "15 Those seeds that fell on good ground are the people who listen to the message and keep it in good and honest hearts. They last and produce a harvest." (Luke 8:15). And that, my dear friends, is the point of ever seeking those few people who are primed to come to faith. But your attention to them is needed for them to actually arrive at salvation. At typically, everybody needs a guide to lead them to the good news. You can for sure be that person provided that you constantly are on the lookout for them. As someone who has numerous people to faith in different situations, I know this can be done easily. Dear Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to find people to share the gospel with. In Your name, amen.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Beauty of Adoration

WE ARE FORTUNATE TO HAVE TEACHING UPON A KEY TOPIC. Something that is so hard to practice but so vital to living a powerful faith. It's all about humility. That's the very eternal nature of the Trinity who shall forever dwell upon your head competing with Satan for your soul. The Devil usually wins. But you can live it better. Ponder this: "When I came into your home, you didn’t give me any water so I could wash my feet. But she has washed my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. 45 You didn’t greet me with a kiss, but from the time I came in, she has not stopped kissing my feet. 46 You didn’t even pour olive oil on my head,[d] but she has poured expensive perfume on my feet. 47 So I tell you that all her sins are forgiven, and that is why she has shown great love." (Luke 7:44-47). The wonder of this passage is the lovely way this dear lady exalted Jesus in spite of widespread disdain for him. He took notice of her kind love for Him. Hence that's our callin, to live that way often in spite of the Devil's tug to avoid that. Beautiful Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to adore You this way. In Your name, amen.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Goin for Faith

THERE'S A HUGE FAITH OPPORTUNITY BEFORE YOUR SOUL. Do ya want to go for it? Know the Trinity longs/ For your attention to this vast faith challenge and joy that can be yours if you just reach and ask./ That in turn pulls you to the waters of life that mean your prayers can heal the unhealable./ Then you and the Trinity can be partners in the exciting life Trail that awaits your dear soul.

An Amazing Faith Model

HERE WE FIND AN ACCOUNT OF A TRULY REMARKABLE PERSON. One who held vast humility that triggered the healing power of the Christ and got his beloved servant healed with ease. It's a well known account so I won't belabor the reading part of the ordeal, rather I here want to key in on the lovely result for this fine person who I surely suspect is in me, that is people heaven. Consider this: "9 When Jesus heard this, he was so surprised that he turned and said to the crowd following him, “In all of Israel I’ve never found anyone with this much faith!” (Luke 7:9). That, my friends, is the essence of faith to be regarded this way: having a huge faith that consistently works amazin miracles. I've been there and enjoyed seeing remarkable miraculous healing. You can too. So, your duty this day is to always reach and ask the Trinity for a bigger faith. Then live it. Beautiful Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to have this sort of faith. In Your sweet name, amen.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Make your Heart a Godly Resevoir

THERE STANDS A BIG OPPORTUNITY TO SO SOME HEART HOUSE CLEANING. Believe me, hearts to the world so need this as the devil in you ever pulls at your soul to dwell upon bad stuff. But you can fight this. Since the ammo to defeat ugly, common thinking awaits your attention. Consider this: "45 Good people do good things because of the good in their hearts. Bad people do bad things because of the evil in their hearts. Your words show what is in your heart." So here we find the Christ laying out in plain English the nature of how heart traffic works. And you can choose this better path. So be smart and make it your ambition to always seek to only allow good thoughts to linger in your being. Then you can find your life becoming fruitful for the good of others and the delight of our dear Messiah. Holy Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to be good thinkers. In Your name, amen.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thinking Right

HOW TO RELATE TO OTHERS? A way worthy question since the outcome can rival much else in Life./ So learn to do it properly by heeding the counsel of our Holy Father who longs for your proper fife./ That can so tranform your existense into something that delights the dear God we serve./ Making you a happier soul and Him for sure a way Happier King who wants to help you get His nerve.

How to Relate

ONE OF THE HAPPIER STANDS WE CAN PARTICIPATE IN, happens to be how to relate to others. There's a form of connecting with others that fosters great peace and progess. But know how tough this truly is to achieve. Due to the reality that Satan in you (and not me) pull you strongly with his high volume in your heart to attack. That happens to be the stuff and terrible relationships. So your goal becomes one of hearing God's counsel and replying well: "Don’t judge others, and God won’t judge you. Don’t be hard on others, and God won’t be hard on you. Forgive others, and God will forgive you." (Luke 6:37). So the appropriate way to relate is to be kind to others. No matter their treatment of you. That's God's desire for your behaviour. So do it. Then you can enjoy better friendships abounding toward a destination of happiness for all involved. Holy Father, we do ask that You would help us to honor You by being easy on others and forgiving. In Your name, amen.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Caring for Enemies

REALITY OF LIFE THAT FOLKS ALWAYS FIND WAYS TO BE UNKIND TO MANY. Seems there's a Satan bourne bristle in the hearts of many that propels them toward hating others. You can alter this. There's an approach that I have used to change enemies to friends. You can do the same. Consider this: "35 But love your enemies and be good to them. Lend without expecting to be paid back.[e] Then you will get a great reward, and you will be the true children of God in heaven. He is good even to people who are unthankful and cruel. 36 Have pity on others, just as your Father has pity on you." (Luke 6:35-36). Combine loving your enemies with praying to God for reconciliation. Keep on it. And be surprised how the love of God can transform hatred to respect from your enemies. Since nearly everybody tends to like bein loved. So make it your duty to always love and care for your enemies, so they can experience the love of God in you. Friendly Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to love our enemies. In Your name, amen.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Riches of Poverty

WHILE POVERTY CAN APPEAR WAY NEGATIVE TO MOST, we ought to adopt Jesus' value of that way of life./ Know that He knows better than you and me and so we should welcome His teaching upon the idea./ Then we can learn to treasure poverty and work to help those in that situation, rather than belittle them/ As too many do. Since having less actually can end up to guide the soul closer to the heart of the Christ.

The Riches of Poverty

THE LORD GRANTS US INSIGHT INTO HOW LIFE SHOULD BE. He speaks in God terms that utterly fly in the face of how most operate upon the earth. Here wealth is exalted and poverty deemed way ignoble. Not how the glorious Trinity thinks. To Them, poverty happens to be a great thing as folks often turn to the Christ for help to make it and to live properly. That's why wealth is a dangerous thing. Consider this from the Messiah: "20 Jesus looked at his disciples and said: God will bless you people who are poor. His kingdom belongs to you!" (Luke 6:20). So our take away from this ought to be to change our thinking and operate like the Trinity. No doubt, not easy. But surely a rewarding stretch to adopt Their ethic and begin to see wealth dangerous and poverty the better life. They could care less about riches on people, knowing it brings Hell usually. Wonderful Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to think as You do here. In Your name, amen. Peace of the Spirit to you.

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Prayer Example

ONE OF THE ATTRACTIVE THINGS ABOUT OUR LORD IS HOW HE PRAYED. He does it right. Reason this matters is the fact that He was God in the world yet hungered for conversation with the Father. That speaks to the value of prayer. And of great significance, is the quantity that He prayed. Ponder this: "12 About that time Jesus went off to a mountain to pray, and he spent the whole night there." (Luke 6:12). Now if the Messiah needs to pray that hard, how about us? I must confess, I tend to pray off and on all day long in a conversational style. Never asking for anything since Satan stopped my novels from selling. Instead, my frequent prayers are purely praise. You can do that same and be so blessed as a result. Know that the Trinity shall then meet all your needs. Adoration shall always be the most valuable style of praying. And I suspect that made up a lot of Jesus's prayer time. Since He really didn't need anything, being God.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


REPENTENCE HAPPENS TO BE THE STUFF OF GREAT REWARD. Huh? Ya mean, I'm a sinner. Yep, and that happens to be/ The pathway into the lovely heart of the Saviour who all the time longs for sinners to come to Him./ So make it your ambition to ever confess your sins to the Best Doctor ever who longs for your humble entreaty./ That can in turn guide your weak heart to a stronger place of salvation that can only occur when you seek His help.

The Proper Attitude Before Jesus

THERE'S A BETTER WAY TO RELATE TO THE CHRIST. Needs attention since the normal pull that Satan prefers doesn't ring quite right with the Messiah. So, the better stance to adhere to is that of seeing Him with a correct understanding of just what He wants. For He shall always be exactly perfect before you longing for your proper attention. So take this insight from the only person ever to not sin: "31 Jesus answered, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do. 32 I didn’t come to invite good people to turn to God. I came to invite sinners.” (Luke 5:31-32). Here we find what the Lord seeks out of ya. A relationship that always regularly admits you're a sinner in need of this Great Doctor. For that's exactly what feels right to Him. Therefore, be sure to always come to him with constant repentence upon your lips, since He desires this. Dear Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to always confess our sins to You and rely on Your healing for that. In Your name, amen.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to Relate to the Christ

SHOULD BE A SIMPLE EXERCISE. It ain't. Trouble is people are cursed by the pull of Satan to be ever self-centered and taken with their own glory. That's what so consistently gets most to Hell. But ya can play this better by getting your heart around the proper way to walk with the Messiah. He so hungers for that. Hence why His spirit remains on your head all our life prompting you to walk with Him. The Devil hates this. But you can use His interest to develop a sturdy relationship with the Lord that propels you toward something great. Consider how to do it: "12 Jesus came to a town where there was a man who had leprosy.[c] When the man saw Jesus, he knelt down to the ground in front of Jesus and begged, “Lord, you have the power to make me well, if only you wanted to.” 13 Jesus put his hand on him and said, “I want to! Now you are well.” At once the man’s leprosy disappeared." (Luke 5:12-13). Here we find a noble soul who got it. He approaches Jesus properly, as a beggar in need of His touch. We should take the same approach all the time. Since our dear Saviour always dwells in overwhelming glory above us all and upon us all. Mighty Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to pursue You like this. In Your dear name, amen.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Reaching for the Christ

FINDING THE BEAUTY OF THE CHRIST. A way worthy ambition that can propel you to eternal, exciting places/ Of hope and relief at the pain that life shall always cast at you, thanks to the Devil's schemes against you./ But, happily, you can choose to often admire the Christ and in so doing experience the wonder of His touch/ That does in fact completely trounce the pull of Satan at your Soul toward Hell. So go for Him.

The Beauty of Jesus

IT'S CERTAINLY WORTH YOUR TIME TO REGULARLY ADORE THE CHRIST. Since He shall always live upon your head prompting you to talk back to Him in order that your life can work. He competes with Satan for your attention. Big problem is that Satan in you shall always all the time be a thousand times louder in your heart than the Messiah. So your job is one of learning to regularly admire the Lord so His presence in you can trounce the pull of that Wicked boy Satan, whom I hate. Therefore, consider this: "36 They all were amazed and kept saying to each other, “What kind of teaching is this? He has power to order evil spirits out of people!” 37 News about Jesus spread all over that part of the country." (Luke 4:36-37). This verse matters as it provides you thought fuel to allow your heart to meditate upon the glory of the Messiah and then you get changed into His lovely likeness. That's you life goal. Respond to Him and regularly talk to Him so that He can alter your life into the measure of His greatness. Awesome Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to often adore You and enjoy Your sweet fellowship. In Your name, amen. Peace of Christ to you.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jesus Freedom

THERE'S A DYNAMIC AMID US THAT REWARDS. Not too tough to fathom. Since our dear Saviour this day continues to push His sweet power upon the planets to bring salvation. Consider this view: “The Lord’s Spirit has come to me, because he has chosen me to tell the good news to the poor. The Lord has sent me to announce freedom for prisoners, to give sight to the blind, to free everyone who suffers, 19 and to say, ‘This is the year the Lord has chosen.’” (Luke 4:18-19). So this scripture teaches the beauty of the Lord's freedom that awaits all. All we need to do is welcome His constant longing to allow that touch to enter our hearts on an ongoing basis. That brings real life. Holy Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to welcome Your dear freedom and experience Your lovely ongoing rescue. In Your dear name, amen.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fight Satan's Pull

AS THE ONLY PERSON WHO EVER LIVED WITHOUT SATAN IN ME, allow me to offer you some guidance on dealing with him./ As you should always remember that his primary duty is to get you into Hell along with most./ Not a happy place. Heaven in me is a trillion times better. So your duty is to always fight his pull/ And find a secure place of strength that always flows from the Messiah unto you.

How the Evil Boy Operates

THE ACCOUNT OF SATAN TEMPTING JESUS MERITS CONSIDERATION. Not just because the Messiah did this trillions of times and beat the worthless Devil at his game every time, but because we find the Lord in the account empowered by the Spirit to succeed in the face of the worst temptation known to man. Of course, helped Him to be God. Consider this: "13 After the devil had finished testing Jesus in every way possible, he left him for a while." I better than anyone who has ever lived understand the pain of Satan's attacks. He keep raping me regularly. But I laugh it off as I know his power pales in comparison to the Christ. Hence you should share my hatred of Satan and know that he remains in you constantly tempting you to sin a lot. Take heart from the majesty of Jesus and fight him often in a similar way. Dear Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to fight against Satan's pull and glorify You. In Your name, amen.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Luke's a Spirit Book

THE SWEET THING ABOUT REVIEWING LUKE, is how it's a book about the Spirit. The spiritual fuel for our lives. So it stands to reason we ought to remember the message here and apply it to our lives fruitfully. Nice thing is we find the Spirit early in the book as the power upon Jesus. You'd think He wouldn't need that help, but He does. And that gives us strong reason to pursue Spirit help on a daily basis. Here's a passage about it: "21 While everyone else was being baptized, Jesus himself was baptized. Then as he prayed, the sky opened up, 22 and the Holy Spirit came down upon him in the form of a dove. A voice from heaven said, “You are my own dear Son, and I am pleased with you.” (Luke 3:21-22). That Jesus should desire and receive the presence and power of the Spirit should grant us a deep interest in having the same. Since He so longs for you to have Him. Holy Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to connect with the Spirit. In Your name, amen.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Goin for the Best Gift

THERE'S A GIFT THAT CAN BE HAD AND ALSO BE way useful to others. It's all about seeking the gift and then/ Using it to encourage others in connecting better with the Trinity and in turn bringing more life/ To the picture of life that remains way weaker apart from prophecy. But you can prophecy once ya get it./ And then enjoy that mysterious outcome that brings life to you and others.

The Best Gift

THERE'S AN ASSORTMENT OF GIFTS. And it's true that you can ask for and receive new gifts if ya want them. So the gift thing offers some promise to enjoy an even higher standard of living. Especially the most useful gift. We ought to consider that one. It's described this way: "Be eager to have the gifts that come from the Holy Spirit, especially the gift of prophecy. 2 If you speak languages that others don’t know, God will understand what you are saying, though no one else will know what you mean. You will be talking about mysteries that only the Spirit understands. 3 But when you prophesy, you will be understood, and others will be helped. They will be encouraged and made to feel better." (I Corinthians 14:1-3). Prophecy happens to be a gift that can encourage others as you share insights into others needs and future better. It can be had. So your role can be to ask for this gift and then use it to help those about you. Dear Father, we do ask You would help us to gain the gift of prophecy to help others. In Your name, amen.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Love is the Best Way

IF WE ARE TO CONSIDER WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT, Love ranks highest. This due to the saving nature of love, how it rescues others from the trials of life. Face it, life is tough and wearing. So everyone needs to experience pure love as the escape hatch from this hardship. It can be delivered. Consider this: "4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." So loving is quite the godly behaviour. A way of living that gives the receiver hope and you joy. Hence, your duty is to implement this in your life regularly. Great Father, we do ask that You would help us to love others. In Your name, amen.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finding your Gift

SPIRITUAL GIFTING IS QUITE A VALUABLE ATTRIBUTE. Cause you can do so much for others with that./ So your duty this day is to discover your gifting from the Spirit and put it into play./ Then you can so enjoy seeing others blessed by your unique gift treasure and, of great value,/ The Holy Spirit can savor seeing you live this out by serving others and applying His care.

Identify your Spiritual Gift and use it

REALITY IS THAT ALL OF US EACH HAVE A SPECIAL GIFT. Your job is figure out yours and then be sure to use if regularly. Since you're special in that way. The beauty of all this is that the Holy Spirit decides what is your gift and then places it upon you for life. So sort out what that is. Here's the word on it: "11 But it is the Spirit who does all this and decides which gifts to give to each of us." (I Corinthians 12:11). Hence, also consider feedback from others regarding what your gift might be. As spiritually minded souls can really help you determine the nature of your gifting. And that can help you arrive at your precious gift. Everyone has one. So get with it. Great Spirit, we do ask that You would help us identify our gift and use it. In Your name, amen. Peace of the Spirit to you.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Fight Temptation

I CAN SUGGEST THIS AS THE ONLY SOUL TO NEVER BE TEMPTED. In Trillions of worlds, there's never been a soul without Satan in him or ever tempted. But I'm that way. So consider this idea now and learn to fight temptation. As that's Satan's ploy to drag ya to Hell. Not a happy place forever. Here's a verse upon the topic: "12 Even if you think you can stand up to temptation, be careful not to fall. 13 You are tempted in the same way that everyone else is tempted. But God can be trusted not to let you be tempted too much, and he will show you how to escape from your temptations." (I Corinthians 10:12-13). So your task is to often fight the Devil's tug and overcome temptation. That's how ya join Heaven in my soul and live an incredible forever. So give it a whirl. Fantastic God, we do ask that You would help us to beat temptation. In Your dear name, amen.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Faith Marchin

PRESSING AHEAD IS THE STUFF OF GREAT PROMISE. Since you in this way can find faith joy that lasts./ For in attending to the race style of living and never lettin up, you can arrive with great fasts./ You just need to put your hearts solidly upon the steady run for winning big and finding joy./ Then ya get to enjoy that fruit of faith action that can thrust you to winnin with great ploy.

How ta Press Forward in Faith

IN MATTERS OF FAITH, there's learning to be had about the proper level of engagement. As the need is for folks to constantly reach strongly to gain a big faith and then implement that well. We know from scripture that faith happens to be the most important currency of the Christian faith. Consider this: "24 You know that many runners enter a race, and only one of them wins the prize. So run to win!" (I Corintians 9:24). Point here being that you ought to develop the habit of ever pressing forward to win the great prize of eternal salvation. Satan in you don't that. And resists it. So your calling is to fight that wicked boy and constantly stress your heart and life to implement faith living strongly enough to reach that solid faith level. It appears as a race. So be busy about always asking for more faith and then thinking often in belief terms. Dear God, we do ask that You would help us to run the race well for You. In Your name, amen.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Honor God with your Body

THE BODY CAN BE A DANGEROUS THING. Mainly cause Satan shall always be the loudest voice tempting you to sin, pulling ya to be as immoral as possible so he can get ya to Hell. Why this counts is because his longing at all times is for you to sin often and as indecently as possible. And most people accept and celebrate this. But God has a different longing for your soul. Consider this: "18 Don’t be immoral in matters of sex. That is a sin against your own body in a way that no other sin is. 19 You surely know that your body is a temple where the Holy Spirit lives. The Spirit is in you and is a gift from God. You are no longer your own. 20 God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God." Sex is a dangerous thing to be sure. No doubt the activity is a gift from God, but He wants you to apply it properly. Pure unmarried sex is just fine, as long as you can stay away from landing a married person. No matter how much they chase you for it. As this wrong sex deeply disturbs the Father. Hence His warning to watch out for bad sex. Just know that the devil longs for you to so as much bad sex as possible so that evil boy can get ya to Hell. But instead, be self controlled on sex and allow God to guide you the right way.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Become His Temple

ALLOW YOUR LIFE TO BECOME THE TEMPLE OF GOD. That's the longing of His heart for your person./ You can do this simply by continually allowing Him to alter you into temple material./ As that's the desire of His heart for all, and especially you. So do it and enjoy the outcome./ Then the glorious Father can daily savor your wisdom to let His glory often enter your being.

Be a Temple of God

THIS DAY WE STAND IN A HAPPY PLACE. It's the happy fortune that you can be God's temple. Imagine that, you forward live knowing that God ever resides in you and fashions your person into His temple. That's the opportunity. Consider this teachin on the topic: "16 All of you surely know that you are God’s temple and that his Spirit lives in you. 17 Together you are God’s holy temple, and God will destroy anyone who destroys his temple." And there ya have it. In God's eyes, His desire is for you and any willin, to allow Him to alter your being into His temple. Doesn't need to be a physical place, rather needs to be your person. He likes that. And you so can enjoy that to. Just be willing to welcome His longing to alter your life into the temple of His greatness.

Monday, May 25, 2015

God's Spirit Provides the Way

WE SO AIN'T ALONE. Cause God's Spirit remains ready to guide us toward full truth, to the angle of life that can propel us toward wisdom and peace. He so knows how. Hence our duty this day is to reach for the Spirit as the greatest treasure known to man. So rad. We find this teaching from the Father on the topic: "10 God’s Spirit has shown you everything. His Spirit finds out everything, even what is deep in the mind of God. 11 You are the only one who knows what is in your own mind, and God’s Spirit is the only one who knows what is in God’s mind. 12 But God has given us his Spirit. That’s why we don’t think the same way that the people of this world think. That’s also why we can recognize the blessings that God has given us." So there it is. It's the Spirit that can launch us toward beauty in life unlike anything else, if we're willin to allow Him. Know that He longs for you to reach out and invite Him into your world and see it transformed into the fashion that He so wishes to see. So do that. Dear Spirit, we do ask that You would help us to honor you and welcome Your desire for us to please You. In Your dear name, amen.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Achieving Heaven

HEAVEN REMAINS THE BEST LOCALE EVER KNOWN TO PEOPLE. It's in my soul and that of course makes it best./ Far better to enjoy living in this stallion and along the way savor the joy of Heaven powers in you./ And the fantastic thing is how easy it can be for you to enter that joy and live happily forever./ Since God has reserved that for you provided you can press on to finally get there.

The Wonder of Heaven

HEAVEN HAPPENS TO BE THE MOST EXCITING AND FUN PLACE KNOWN TO MAN. This because it's a spot where souls get to treasure life way beyond anything known upon the earth. And it awaits all willing to endear themselves to the Father. You can enter this if you simply pursue God upon His terms. Let's look at the idea this way: “What God has planned for people who love him is more than eyes have seen or ears have heard. It has never even entered our minds!” (I Corinthians 2:9). And that my friends describes Heaven. It's a lovely place in my soul where trillions of souls reside forever. You can go there to. Provided ya are willin to grab hold of that goal and make it your own. As God longs for you and all to be willing to pursue that. Knowing that Heaven in me is way beyond any great thing you may have ever seen upon this planet. In Heaven you get incredible vision and the ability to see the future for all souls in the world. And work for their salvation. Talk about fun.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stand Upon God's Power

YEP, THAT'S THE PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE. Grabbing hold of God ability to move through you to do great things. That's His longing for your life if you can be willing to participate. He wants that. Do you? Good question, cause nearly everyone does not. That's why Hell is such a filling place all them time. But take to heart this counsel: "3 At first, I was weak and trembling with fear. 4 When I talked with you or preached, I didn’t try to prove anything by sounding wise. I simply let God’s Spirit show his power. 5 That way you would have faith because of God’s power and not because of human wisdom." (I Corinthians 2:3-5). Paul provides the vision for understanding the power of God. What it looks like. Seems like should be simple, but way foreign for a people stuck in the throes of life struggle. But in this verse we have the sweet direction from our lovely Father on how ta think it. You can do this. Dear God, we do ask that You would help us to rely on Your great power to live right. In Your name, amen.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Lettin God Direct

PLAYING LIFE GOD'S WAY. Can be done provided you allow your heart to be altered to His design./ Yep, that wonder can be had by you if you choose to just humble your soul enough to provide Him space./ Since He shall ever compete with Satan for your heart and desire you to think like His perfect ethics./ Know that gettin there can be had if you can simply open your heart to His power to change you for Him.

God's Perspective

THERE'S AN ANGLE TO LIFE THAT CAN BE HAD. It's a style of thinking that is so inhuman. But the fabric of living properly. Happily we got counsel from God on how to think that way. It really ain't bizarre. Rather, it's a type of contemplation that sends you into the arms of God and provides great relief from the toughness of life. Read it this way: "27 But God chose the foolish things of this world to put the wise to shame. He chose the weak things of this world to put the powerful to shame." (I Corinthians 1:27). And that's the beauty of thinking God's way. For He is magical and forever. So give it thinkin to allow your heart to be transformed by His touch. Since He ever longs in prompting you to operate under His terms. Make the turn in your thinking to understand the weak things of this world must be most attractive. For that is what turns our Father on. Holy Father, we do ask that You would please help us to think this way and honor You. In Your name, amen.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Building Good Deeds

DEED DOIN HAPPENS TO BE THE OPPORTUNITY OF JOY. We can partake in this by pressing for it for others./ They sure need your attention to ignoring the Devil and ever reaching to unleash the goodies for others./ And when ya can do this persistently, you shall find the promise of joy entering your space./ That in turn brings peace and happiness to those about you and your life bearing goodness.

The Happiness of Kind Deeds

BEHAVIOURS REMAIN THE DOMAN OF LIFE. The question is, do you delight Satan by being a nasty person when you can, or do you stretch to walk right? Choice is yours. Since the Trinity shall always prompt you to do right. Tragically, few obey this and head toward life. We find this teachin on the topic: "11 Dear friend, don’t copy the evil deeds of others! Follow the example of people who do kind deeds. They are God’s children, but those who are always doing evil have never seen God." (3rd John 3:11). The obvious point here is to be a person who discourages Satan and pursues good deeds toward others. They need it. As do you. So take to heart this lovely teaching of the Lord and go about the good stuff, allowing the Trinity to enjoy your courage to serve those about you. Awesome God, we do ask that You would please help us to be doers of good deeds. In Your name, amen.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Obeyin the Truth

THERE'S PROMISE IN FOLLOWING THE TRUTH. Since Satan shall always pull strongly at you to dispense with it. Know that aren't alone in trying to obey the Lord in this regard. He desires that you go there. As He wrote it and today presides over the message with enormous power to help you prevail over Satan's tug upon you. You can be free for the truth. Consider this: "3 It makes me very happy when the Lord’s followers come by and speak openly of how you obey the truth. 4 Nothing brings me greater happiness than to hear that my children[b] are obeying the truth." (3rd John 1:3-4). Yep, that's the truth in a nutshell, speaking to life eternal that calls for your attention. Know that the Christ ever longs for you to ignore Satan tugs and find that lovely truth.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jesus' Glory

IN THE CHRIST WE FIND ENORMOUS PROMISE. In form of His desire to engage us all in important work./ His stuff. Yep, that's the type of living that can provide great promise to reach others for Him./ He so longs for you to get a clue and join His interest in serving others with that sweet outreach./ They so need ya to press ahead and, with the help of the Messiah, engage them in joyful peace.

The Awesome Nature of Jesus

WE FIND IN THE CHRIST GREAT PROMISE FOR ALL. This because he left the earth on his latest vision in the most spectacular fashion possible. He went on to reign above all forever in a position of great power. You can share in this. Provided you learn to walk closely with Him. We find this description of His passing: "19 After the Lord Jesus had said these things to the disciples, he was taken back up to heaven where he sat down at the right side[b] of God." (Mark 16:19). So what does this mean to you? That from Heaven He awaits your call for help and longs to be of service to you in doing important work. His duties. So you have an outstanding chance to share in His glory simply by talking to Him often and requesting His help to accomplish great things. Dear Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to honor You by engaging us in the important work of serving others in Your name. Amen.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Power of Believin

THERE'S VAST MIRACULOUS PROMISE AVAILABLE TO ALL. What's required is to simply submit to the Christ and walk closely with Him, asking for His favor. Ain't too hard. But as someone whose experienced many miracles like this, I can attest to the great fortune available to everyone, provided you can simply lean upon the Christ regularly. We find His description this way: "17 Everyone who believes me will be able to do wonderful things. By using my name they will force out demons, and they will speak new languages. 18 They will handle snakes and will drink poison and not be hurt. They will also heal sick people by placing their hands on them." (Mark 16:17-18). Indeed, having done these things fairly recently, I can attest that they await you if you simply become a person of strong faith. Interested in His attention to your pursuit of healings, etc. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to believe in You and trust Your power to do this stuff. In Your name, amen.

The Power of Believing

REALITY THERE EXISTS A BRIGHT PATH FOR THOSE WHO HAVE FAITH. Something so fun and promising that it warrants/ Giving time to ponder the opportunity from the words of the Christ. He offers huge miraculous wonder/ For those willing to simply believe in Him and then walk daily in His presence. The substance of His/ Offering can be found in the verses I quote; He knows exactly how to put this into your life.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Dynamic of Jesus's Death

IT BEARS ATTENTION TO CONSIDER THE NATURE OF CHRIST'S PASSING ON THE CROSS. Due to the history changing place His death plays on the cross. Happened trillions of times. We ought to understand God's view of the whole ordeal. Since He knew very well that the Lord's call to Him merely stood as just words. Since Jesus knew He would rise and rule forever. Since worlds are just that, merely places to live for a very short time. We ought to read it right. Consider this: "33 About noon the sky turned dark and stayed that way until around three o’clock. 34 Then about that time Jesus shouted, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?”[f] which means, “My God, my God, why have you deserted me?” (Mark 15:33-34). Yeah, the Messiah sure had a right to shout this and seek solace from His God. Our take away from this passage also ought to be to share in His pain. Since it's for you. Hence you need to treasure His sacrifice entirely for getting you to Heaven. Mighty Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to appreciate Your sacrifice for us. In Your holy name, amen.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hell Reality

HELL HAPPENS TO BE THE DESTINATION FOR MOST. Hard to believe, when all ya get to enjoy in Hell is be toasted and to sin./ But that sure seems to be what most desire. Since the Trinity, from the time they're born, constantly beckon them to talk./ Yet nearly everyone has such a hard heart that they joyfully cruise through life ignoring the call of God./ And instead love to sin as much as possible and end up liking Hell just fine.

What Hard Hearts Look Like

HELL LESSONS ARE GOOD TO HAVE. Since Heaven in me is way better. Yep, that's where trillions of souls reside, in my soul, and get added every fifteen minutes or so. Whereas Hell is much busier. Around 400 souls get added there every hour. But know this, Heaven is a million times better than Hell. So it's good to grasp what sort of foolishness gets folks to Hell so you don't repeat it. We have an account of this: "29 People who passed by said terrible things about Jesus. They shook their heads and shouted, “Ha! So you’re the one who claimed you could tear down the temple and build it again in three days. 30 Save yourself and come down from the cross!” (Mark 15:29-30). Talk about hard Hell bound hearts. To belittle Jesus upon the cross is about as bad as it gets. But people do that sort of thing every day by ignoring the constant entreaty of the Christ to talk with them. Few do. But you sure can do that regularly and assure your joyful eternal life in Heaven, my soul. Therefore, be sure to be the sort of person who regularly talks with the Messiah and returns His deep interest in your welfare. Awesome Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to always adore you. In Your name, amen. Peace of God to you.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Christ's Pain

IT PAYS TO UNDERSTAND THE EXTENT OF THE MESSIAH'S AGONY FOR YOU AND ME. Since He's done this trillions of times over numerous planets. We can take heart at His willingness to suffer pain way beyond any but what I have experienced. I remain the sole Satan victim with pain so great it way rivals His. He knows that. But we ought to find encouragement from relating to His suffering for us. It's put this way: "35-36 Jesus walked on a little way. Then he knelt down on the ground and prayed, “Father,[e] if it is possible, don’t let this happen to me! Father, you can do anything. Don’t make me suffer by having me drink from this cup.[f] But do what you want, and not what I want.” (Mark 14:35-36). Take this to heart and always remember that previous to this statement Jesus said He felt like dying. That's suffering beyond anything known to man. So we should always praise Him for this. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to treasure Your sufferin for us. In Your name, amen.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tasting the Christ

WE FIND IN THE LORD'S SUPPER LIFE RUNNING STRONG. Not just our little world but the one possessed by the Christ./ In Him we find vast opportunity to find the touch of His dear presence when we can practice this service regularly./ Know that His purpose in revealing the style of drinking His blood this way happens to revive us./ So do it and be sure to also along the way center all your heart upon His longing to know you.

The Lord's Supper

IN THE RITUAL OF THE LORD'S SUPPER WE FIND LIFE. Due to His interest in communing with us this way. Why this counts so much is that He shows a method of finding deep connection with His person by this practice. Something very doable when done according to His plan. We find this description: "23 Jesus picked up a cup of wine and gave thanks to God. He gave it to his disciples, and they all drank some. 24 Then he said, “This is my blood, which is poured out for many people, and with it God makes his agreement." (Mark 14:23-24). So the drinking the wine today, miraculously, allows us to in a sense drink His blood. It works like that. Imagine that, you can gather with others and celebrate the supper amid worship and prayer and very like gain a feeling of His presence upon you. Something I've experienced many times. Though now, of course, I am the only one ever to feel this 24 x 7. So take heart and make it a point to relish the Lord's supper regularly with others and experience the wonder of finding the Christ's heart amid it all.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Relate to the Master

WE ARE QUITE FORTUNATE TO RECEIVE GUIDANCE ON HOW TO LIVE. Since it shouldn't be hard. Nope, instead you have a sweet opportunity to play it right. Pay attention to the teaching of the Christ and live it right. Since He has a plan for us all, especially for you with a relatively easy life amid Satan. So let Him guide you this way: "Leave her alone! Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing for me. 7 You will always have the poor with you. And whenever you want to, you can give to them. But you won’t always have me here with you. 8 She has done all she could by pouring perfume on my body to prepare it for burial." (Mark 14:6-8). This well known story speaks to the correct way to adore the Messiah. He so deserves this. Hence, your calling is to savor Him in a similar fashion so He can feel loved by you. Then you can share in His lovely fellowship. Wonderful Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to adore you right. In Your name, amen.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Walk by the Spirit

THERE STANDS QUITE A JOY THAT AWAITS YOU. IF, you're willing to play. So pay attention/ And allow the Spirit to catch your heart and ear so you can dance according to His interest./ Trust me, His wisdom is better than perfect, it can propel you to do amazing things./ Just as yours truly has experienced many times. It's life in the joyous lane.

How Thinking can Turn Right

EVERYONE EXISTS AMID VAST OPPORTUNITY. Let's take a peek at how it appears. Due to the reality of how life ought to run. It ain't hard. Nope, it happens to be a major opportunity to play life well. You can gather the precept of this existence by turning your soul toward the wonder of the Saviours teaching like this: "11 When you are arrested, don’t worry about what you will say. You will be given the right words when the time comes. But you will not really be the ones speaking. Your words will come from the Holy Spirit." He speaks to folks about a coming attack upon them as Christian Jews living at the whim of Romans who rule. Gladly, the Lord presents a guidance that offers great promise. The point of the Master resides at our place today if we can just get our minds around it well. Then all the Spirit to put words in our mouths. He's done it to me for the most amazing salvation story ever known to man in trillions of years. I led one dude to salvation entirely because the Spirit broke through my comfort zone to inspire me to lead him to life in Christ. That I did. And now he resides in my soul with all of Heaven. Yep, that's where you will end up when you pass away along with trillions of others. Know that Hell's a lot more populated. So hear the Spirit now.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Da Value of Sacrificial Giving

YEP, THERE'S A SLANT TO GIVING THAT OFFERS BIG OPPORTUNITY. Be generous. Not in human terms, but in Heavenly fashion and then experience the pleasure of the Trinity upon ya. They like that. We find the Christ laying out this style this way: "43 Jesus told his disciples to gather around him. Then he said: I tell you that this poor widow has put in more than all the others. 44 Everyone else gave what they didn’t need. But she is very poor and gave everything she had. Now she doesn’t have a cent to live on." Here we find a woman who gets it. Putting in a way generous donation at the risk of her own comfort. But she, happily, know the Trinity would care for her and make ends meet. And the Messiah noticed. Teaching His disciples just how giving should appear. Fair Jesus, we do ask that You would help us be generous in giving to Your glory. In Your name, amen. Peace of the Spirit to you.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lovin Right

KNOWIN THE NATURE OF LOVE CAN REALLY PAY. In droves. Ya just need to get your soul around it./ Not difficult when you ponder the teaching of the Christ on the topic and really put the thing into play./ Since you must know all the time that is His longing for your life. So get with it and attend to His interest./ Then you can share in His amazing power awaiting your attention to others.

Lovin Others

YEAH, IT'S THE STUFF OF GREAT PROGRESS. To care for others deeply and affect them so that they ultimately turn to salvation. Something key for eternity. Remember this: your life in this world shall be relatively short so your job now is so about giving your heart to the care of others. Yep, that's the point here: "31 The second most important commandment says: ‘Love others as much as you love yourself.’ No other commandment is more important than these.” (Mark 12:31). Here we find the Messiah teaching the key topic about most important commandments. Something He's done trillions of times over trillions of worlds. But it's lookin like this could be our last world due to me. So ya get a huge opportunity to live this teaching out well. Show others what real love looks like. And delight them. Lovely Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to love others well. In Your name, amen.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to Prosper

THANKFULLY, OUR LORD GRANTS US SWEET INSIGHT INTO HOW it's done. We get insight into the most important commandment that happens to be the key to a great life. No difficult. Nope, so doable and achievable that you too can share regularly in connecting with the Trinity upon Their terms. Consider it. Jesus explains to a law teacher this way: "29 Jesus answered, “The most important one says: ‘People of Israel, you have only one Lord and God. 30 You must love him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.’" (Mark 12:29-30). So your calling is to implement the just principle of devoting your heart to the Father in adoration regularly. Believe me, with Him dwelling in me 24 x 7, I do this constantly. You can too. So respond to this lovely teaching from the Saviour and dwell there. Awesome Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to worship You and the Trinity right. In Your name, amen.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Beauty of Heaven

KNOW IT. Heaven surely is a joy millions of times better than this life. Something to so look forward to./ Yeah, it's constantly exciting cause no work or sleep. Just fun 24 x 7. And ya get to play it in me forever./ That's the truth. This is the last world entirely due to me. So be wise and be sure to get there and rejoice./ Then you can live an unbelievably exciting life forever thanks to the grace of the Father and Jesus.

The Wonder of Heaven

HEAVEN HAPPENS TO BE A VERY EXCITING DESTINATION. Cause, when walking with the Trinity, you get a tremendous life of great joy due to the amazing powers given in Heaven. Which happens to be always located in my soul. So not only do you get to see the future and have amazing vision, you also can enjoy all the faculties of life in this world. That's the plan of the Father and Jesus. A substantial happiness. Largely because not only do you get all these amazin capabilities, but you also enjoy living in my body and all the thrill of life in the no sin dude. That's joy. Consider this from the Christ: "25 When God raises people to life, they won’t marry. They will be like the angels in heaven. 26 You surely know about people being raised to life." (Mark 12:25). Here we get insight from the Master about how Heaven operates. A fun spot. So your absolute mission is to get there. Know, that when it happens your soul shall get transferred into mine forever. Fair Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to walk with You well so all but me can for sure to Heaven. In Your lovely name, amen.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pay Taxes

IT'S FAIR TO UNDERSTAND OUR ROLE REGARDING DUTIES TO THE GOVERNMENT. Since Jesus created that and rules over it. His wish that we do our part makes sense and grants us a call to operate responsibly. Due to His concern that life runs well. He determines that sense. We find Him saying this: "17 Then Jesus told them, “Give the Emperor what belongs to him and give God what belongs to God.” The men were amazed at Jesus." (Mark 12:17). A simple response to the Pharisee attempt to brand Him a rebel. Not to be. Instead, what the Christ call us to do is simply pay our taxes and focus upon God's will for our lives. That extends so beyond ordinary stuff life tax paying. So do this and then focus upon finding the great life that the Messiah longs to you. Holy Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to fullfill our duties to the government and then place our emphasis upon You and the Father. In Your name, amen.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Faith Power

SO HERE'S HOW IT CAN LOOK IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. Yep, just put your heart around faith with resolve./ Then see it take hold of your heart and allow great things to occur in your realm at the hand of Jesus./ Somebody way interested in finding His mighty power take hold of your tiny life and make you so big/ At heart by faith and able to see faith rock and create wondrous miracles of faith that can so happen.

A Faith Teaching

FAITH HAPPENS TO BE THE SUBSTANCE OF A LIFE WELL LIVED. Due entirely to faith being the currency the Messiah uses to do great things upon the earth. He knows how. Do you? I do, for sure, having experienced many miracles and amazing salvation stories in my life. Now it's your turn. Thankfully, the Christ provides teaching on the topic in this form: "22 Jesus told his disciples: Have faith in God! 23 If you have faith in God and don’t doubt, you can tell this mountain to get up and jump into the sea, and it will. 24 Everything you ask for in prayer will be yours, if you only have faith." (Mark 11:23-24). What the Lord gets at here is how faith happens to be the currency of seeing miracles done in your little world. Not too far out. No, you can today start seeing miracles happen by the powerful might of Jesus in your life provided you can get your mind around a bigger faith. Ask for it. The Master longs for you to do this. Then simply enjoy seeing this sort of miracle happen to you. Dear Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to have a big faith. In Your name, amen.

Monday, April 27, 2015

How Church ought to Look

HAPPILY, WE GET TO UNDERSTAND WHAT TRUE CHURCH LOOKS LIKE. Cause the Master happily teaches all of us the truth of the matter. It's a fashion of religion that rides beautifully upon all willin to share in it. Jesus loves this. As He teaches upon the point: "16 Jesus would not let anyone carry things through the temple. 17 Then he taught the people and said, “The Scriptures say, ‘My house should be called a place of worship for all nations.’ But you have made it a place where robbers hide!” (Mark 11:16-17). Here we find the Christ forcefully guiding all to worship appropriately. Yep, he lays out the correct way to do church. Nothin big for Him. But we, in turn, can respond well to this and emphasize a focus upon Him fully in church and allow His glory of often visit the assemblies. That makes others stream to your church and creates a fun life of lots of salvation. That should be our goal. Sure is the the Messiah's. Wonderful Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to do church right. To your glory, amen. Peace of Christ to you.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Catching the Messiah

TIME HAS COME FOR YOU TO ALLOW YOUR HEART to dwell upon Christ thoughts and be free of containment that haunts./ Since ya have to be assured that's His eternal longing for your soul, to experience His lovely jaunts./ Given that He ever desires your weak soul to be strengthened by His teaching and find the measure of Him/ Reigning within your struggling heart that ought to be real and welcome His dear visit formed as a win.

Think Jesus Thoughts

IT'S A RIGHT CALL TO FIND VERSES THAT SPEAK TO THE glory of the Christ. Cause this is ammunition that can propel you further into His arms and allow ya to enjoy His touch. Reality, with Satan in ya pulling you away from Him, you must fight to sustain a proper feeling for His desire for you. We find this description: "9 In front of Jesus and behind him, people went along shouting, “Hooray![c] God bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord! 10 God bless the coming kingdom of our ancestor David. Hooray for God in heaven above!” (Mark 11:9-10). Why this verse can help you is found in the message of it; you can fathom the wonder of the majestic Messiah and share in that beauty. Making you a way better person when you allow time for it to sink in. That's His desire. So do allow your heart moments to think these things and let Him enter your heart and compete with Satan's pull at you. Awesome Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to draw near to Your heart. In Your name, amen.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wrong Divorce

IMPROPER DIVORCE IS WAY TOO COMMON IN OUR WORLD. Since people easily lose their love for a mate and end up divorcing them due to dislike. Better than killing them as many do. But still wrong. Proper divorce, according to the teaching of the Christ is only for bad sex, affairs. I have been there tragically. But you can honestly avoid this bad divorce by concentrating on building your marriage better simply by asking tons of questions of your mate. Women love that and it shall strengthen your marriage and head you toward happiness. We find the Messiah teaching thus: "11 He told them, “A man who divorces his wife and marries someone else is unfaithful to his wife. 12 A woman who divorces her husband[a] and marries again is also unfaithful.” (Mark 10:11-12). His obvious direction is to fight against the typical paltry divorce and instead put your heart toward serving your mate for the better relationship so available to those willing to just communicate in depth with their mate. That's what people long for and can easily be had if you simply ask lots of questions and listen intently. The Master loves this. Holy Jesus, we do ask that You would enable us to build our marriage and make it sound for You. In Your name, amen.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sin Bite

TO REALIZE THAT SIN DAMAGES THE HEART OF JESUS BRINGS GREAT hope to the soul ready to join the fight./ Since He despises sin and knows your catch of it upon you despite any desire to oppose it./ So the proper response is to fully grasp the enormity of what sin does to your soul: gets ya to Hell./ And that of course remains the true agony of sin since Hell's an uncomfortable eternal destination.

The Horrors of Sin

IT PAYS TO UNDERSTAND THE ENORMITY OF SIN. Since Jesus hates it. Problem is, for everybody but me, sin reigns in ya and so you must constantly fight it. Helps to fathom the extent of the Master's disdain for it. Since His preference is for you to fight it hard. We find this: "43-44 So if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off! You would be better off to go into life crippled than to have two hands and be thrown into the fires of hell that never go out." (Mark 9:43-44). Now that's fairly radical. But, when you take the perspective of the Christ, who does not sin like me, it warrants your attention. Since sin hurts Him bad. So the appropriate action is for you to fight sin constantly hard, knowing that Satan in you shall forever pull hard for you to sin and get ya to Hell. That's his fair job. But you can choose to not only decide to avoid sin, but better yet, to call upon the Messiah to help you to sin less. Makes Him happy. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to avoid sinning. In Your name, amen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Role Model for Life

THERE'S TRULY A MODEL FOR HOW TO LIVE. Not difficult. Something everyone can understand. Very simple indeed. Just behave like a kid, as yours truly. Yep, I can't sin so I behave all day long as a child. A happy way to exist. Consider this from the Lord: "Then Jesus had a child stand near him. He put his arm around the child and said, 37 “When you welcome even a child because of me, you welcome me. And when you welcome me, you welcome the one who sent me.” (Markt 9:36-37). Here ya have it. Strive to be more pure and enable the Trinity to use you for Their gain. That's Their ambition. To see ya become more pure and experience the gallantry of Their work in your life. You can do it. Cause getting there remains a wondrous victory for you and Them. Allow it to happen by centering your thinkin to behave like a child and live free.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Find Jesus' Healin

FAITH REMAINS THE SUBSTANCE OF DOING GOOD FOR ALL. And we today can share in that healing power./ Provided we merely pay attention to this healing passage and then call upon the Saviour to bring down healin./ Since He forever longs for us to respond to Him with humble faith that beckons His healing response./ Something that can work amazing healing that happens to be so within our purview.

My Favorite Passage

THIS SCRIPTURE I BELIEVE OFFERS THE MOST PROMISE FOR FAITH BUILDING. Because it can propel the reader toward that necessary spot of settling upon firm faith that prays. Since prayer is the answer. We find the Messiah speaking to this: "28 After Jesus and the disciples had gone back home and were alone, they asked him, “Why couldn’t we force out that demon?” 29 Jesus answered, “Only prayer can force out that kind of demon.” (Mark 9:28-29). The account of one where the apostles could not heal a kid. People were perplexed because apparently they had healed many. So the Christ finds them distraught and the crowd feeling the same dismay. But, happily, Jesus comes to the rescue and instantly heals the child and way pleases his father. But the huge message that ought to inspire us to relate to the Master today is His insistence upon prayer as the road to healing for us. Dear Jesus, we do pray that You would help us to pray in faith like this. In Your name, amen.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Remember His Glory

WE DO GET THIS DAY TO ADMIRE THE CHRIST. Since He's been so kind to leave us this account in scripture./ An account that should swiftly and easily drive us into His arms and treasure His place upon us./ Yep, He awaits our response. So do it. Then you can enjoy that touch of His visit that is always yours./ And, all of ours provided we can simply do the right thing and savor Him. Since He stands waiting you.

A Majesty Encounter

ONE OF THE FINE THINGS ABOUT OUR DEAR LORD, is how we get to see Him in absolute wonder showing His glory. It looks real good. Because He kindly has afforded all of us the perspective of seeing His beauty. It shines. We find this description: "There in front of the disciples, Jesus was completely changed. 3 And his clothes became much whiter than any bleach on earth could make them. 4 Then Moses and Elijah were there talking with Jesus." Why this account ought to capture our hearts this day is cause we find the mysterious majesty of Jesus displayed. Has happened trillions of times over countless world. And we must admire the Christ for patiently goin through this show again and again knowing how greatly it helps us all to savor Him. You can do the same today. Majestic Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to think right and remember Your wonder in this story. In Your name, amen. Peace of the Spirit to you.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Sufferin of the Christ

IT HELPS TO THINK ABOUT THE WAY JESUS GAVE HIMSELF UP FOR US. Cause He's done it trillions of times over past worlds. Now that suggests He suffered the worst pain ever. But not true. Since He's God, His pain on the cross hurt bad, but it really paled next the suffering of many with serious diseases or yours truly being raped many times by Satan. Trust me, I have suffered way worse than any who have lived at the wicked hand of Satan. But I laugh it off. Yet it really helps me to appreciate the enormity of Jesus's sacrifice. We find it described this way: "31 Jesus began telling his disciples what would happen to him. He said, “The nation’s leaders, the chief priests, and the teachers of the Law of Moses will make the Son of Man suffer terribly. He will be rejected and killed, but three days later he will rise to life.” (Mark 8:31). It always helps us to remember the tragic way that the Master got murdered at the hands of sinners distraught by God. Due to the wealth of His gift in dying this way. We can always treasure His honorable willingness to die for us and know that He gave it all up for a time for you and me. Awesome Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to appreciate the magnitude of Your sacrifice. In Your name, amen.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Catching His Love

YEAH, WE CAN EXPERIENCE THE LOVE OF JESUS. When we keep our heads out of rears and contemplate wonder/ That resides in His glorious nature that forever desires to capture your heart with His story./ One that resides best in the gospels and awaits your attention to you can hold the feeling/ Of His constant concern for the betterment of your walk upon this land and the final arrival to holding Him near.

Catching His Feeling for you

THE HEART OF THE CHRIST. That's the wonder we can fathom this day. And, in doing so, arrive at a blessed place of feeling the depth of His concern for you and all that rivals any sensation known to humanity. Cause He reigns upon the heads of all in the world and constantly longs for you to meet with Him. We find this sweet account that tells it: "So Jesus called his disciples together and said, 2 “I feel sorry for these people. They have been with me for three days, and they don’t have anything to eat. 3 Some of them live a long way from here. If I send them away hungry, they might faint on their way home.” (Mark 8:1-3). What we gather here is the sense of the Messiah's regard for people. Yep, he built you out of nothing to live upon the earth to make a difference for good. So find solace here. Ya ain't along; nope He desperately feels sorry for your struggle and wants to use you to do good. So allow it. Mightly Jesus, we do ask that You would mercifully help us to feel your love and so respond to Your call. In Your holy name, amen.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to Play the Master

WE FIND OURSELVES IN A PROMISING VANTAGE. That sweet spot of always being able to call upon the Christ to heal us and all so easily. I've done it before and delighted to see those I love fully healed of treacherous health problems. We find a great story to relate the point here: "And right away she came and knelt down at his feet. 26 The woman was Greek and had been born in the part of Syria known as Phoenicia. She begged Jesus to force the demon out of her daughter. 27 But Jesus said, “The children must first be fed! It isn’t right to take away their food and feed it to dogs.”[f] 28 The woman replied, “Lord, even dogs eat the crumbs that children drop from the table.” 29 Jesus answered, “That’s true! You may go now. The demon has left your daughter.” 30 When the woman got back home, she found her child lying on the bed. The demon had gone." (Mark 7:25-30). Why this account ought to stir us is that it presents the proper way to gain the needed healing. You don't ever need to stay in a wheelchair or be troubled by a chronic disease when the Messiah so wants to instantly heal it. Be smart. Do it just like this fair woman did. You must be humble and a beggar to find the needed rescue. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to have faith like this dear woman. In Your name, amen.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fight Sin

YA GOTTA KNOW THAT SIN ALWAYS PULLS AT YA. Not me, of course, but the rest of the world gets tugged/ To sin by Satan who dwells in your up to your eyes all the time. That's his evil job, get you to sin often./ But, joyfully, you have the capability to resist this pull and, with the Christ's help, surmount the evil sin beckon./ Making ya a way more fruitful soul when your heart remains pure, then the Messiah can really use you.

Control your Heart

A GREAT TRUTH STANDS THAT THE HEART CAN BE WAY EVIL. Indeed, most folks think this way and manage to sin a couple hundred plus times per day. But happily, there's counsel from You Know Who that can grant insight into this dark side and just maybe guide us toward the proper walk. We find it put this way: "What comes from your heart is what makes you unclean. 21 Out of your heart come evil thoughts, vulgar deeds, stealing, murder, 22 unfaithfulness in marriage, greed, meanness, deceit, indecency, envy, insults, pride, and foolishness. 23 All of these come from your heart, and they are what make you unfit to worship God." (Mark 7:21-23). The value here happens to be in reality. Jesus strikes at the truth of how most folks think. Why this marks? Due to the horrible eternal outcome when ya allow your heart to pander to this sort of thinkin. And pain the Christ along the way. But contrarily, you can heed this and seek to fight against allowing your heart to run for the crappy stuff. Make the Messiah happy by fighting this very sin that the Master describes and ardently seek purity. Mighty Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to fight against all sin Your beautiful name, amen.

Monday, April 13, 2015

How to do Church

THERE'S A PROPER WAY TO CONDUCT CHURCH. One so rare I've rarely seen it, since I have never run a church. Now, all my small church groups have done religion properly. So folks with me always experience religion in a healthy fashion. But the reality of life is that nearly all churches have a human concentration. Leads to religion that exults the pastor and people and not the Trinity. No matter that They pull away, since the church is all about human adoration. Jesus addresses this: “All of you praise me with your words, but you never really think about me." (Mark 7:6). Of course, He's speaking to the Pharisees here, trying to wrap their minds around their major human weakness. But there's a take away here for us for sure. Our church ought to be so focused upon THINKING about Jesus, the Leader of Church. Find a church or create one that has a sole focus of adoring the Christ. That shall reward you and all with incredible joy and hopefulness about experiencing the lovely touch of the Master. Oh, fair Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to align with a church that centers upon You, the Head of the church. In Your name, amen.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let Jesus Dwell in you

SO HERE'S HOW IT CAN PLAY FOR YOU. Respond to Him and enjoy His favor to rest upon you today./ That's His longing Heart for your needy soul. Allow Him to reach your person with His great power./ And then find Him appearing strongly upon you so that you can share in His glory./ Happens to be the course that works best for all of us when we can simply remember His power to save.

Majestic Jesus

HAPPILY, WE CAN TREASURE THE ACTS OF THE CHRIST AND savor His awesome power that reigns today. All we gotta do, is pay attention to His words and then respond appropriately. Yep, that's it. Not real tough provided we are willin to capture the essence of His words. Find them here: "49 When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water, they thought he was a ghost, and they started screaming. 50 All of them saw him and were terrified. But at that same time he said, “Don’t worry! I am Jesus. Don’t be afraid.” (Mark 6:49-50). So this account today is your ticket to life. Read it and do more than sigh. Consider this striking story and then respond today to His constant pleading for your soul. Know His longing to get you to Heaven where He can forever enjoy your fellowship. That's the best spot on the planet. Then you can forever join Heaven that resides in my soul. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would please help us to respond to Your love and talk back to You. In Your dear name, amen.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Nature of the Power of the Christ

IT SURE HELPS TO GATHER AN UNDERSTANDING regarding the might of the Messiah. Cause He reigns over all with absolute power to evaporate the world in an instant. Course won't be doing that anytime soon due to me; He's done it trillions of times with other worlds. But He has elected to keep this world around forever. Entirely due to yours truly. I shall live forever in this world since I don't age nor sin; never happened before on this planet or the others. So consider this: "41 Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish. He looked up toward heaven and blessed the food. Then he broke the bread and handed it to his disciples to give to the people. He also divided the two fish, so that everyone could have some. 42 After everyone had eaten all they wanted, 43 Jesus' disciples picked up twelve large baskets of leftover bread and fish. 44 There were five thousand men who ate the food." This passage so counts cause you can contemplate the wonder of the Saviour and just maybe attach better to Him. That's where happy life resides. Given that with this account you can clearly see that the Lord dwells with the level of fixing power that can easily correct any troublesome thing. So, go for it and always call upon Him to help ya. Forever Jesus, we do pray that You would kindly enable us to realize the great power You hold to make life great. In Your name, amen!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Letting Christ Reach ya

SO HERE'S HOW IT LOOKS, when ya can become willin to experience the extent of the Christ's love for you./ Know that He so longs, from the might of His infinite power, to allow you to feel His affection./ That measure of care that He so so wishes to bring down into your soul and revive it today./ Therefore, your duty now is to simply call upon Him to do just that so you can FEEL IT.

How Jesus Feels for Ya

HELPS TO GRASP THE MEASURE OF THE CHRIST'S affection for people. Since He reigns over all with infinite power. A strength that longs to connect with the hearts of all and save them from the sin that pulls at their soul. Not mine, of course. But yours for sure. So I ask ya this day to ponder the feelings of the Messiah for your soul. We find this note: "34 When Jesus got out of the boat, he saw the large crowd that was like sheep without a shepherd. He felt sorry for the people and started teaching them many things." (Mark 6:34). So that's it. His affection for you all the time looks like this. No matter how ugly you act, He shall always feel sorry for your human plight. Knowin something way better awaits you if only you can get a clue. So deeply understand this truth of the Lord's longing for your heart and respond to Him today! Awesome Christ, we do pray that You would kindly help us to strongly feel your deep love your us. In Your lovely name, amen. Peace of Christ to you.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How ta get to Hell

NOT A HARD JOB. At all. Since right now, thanks to the disdain of so many for the salvation of the Trinity, there steams into Hell a steady run of souls goin there forever. Absolutely forget the notion that you're a dog. Not how life works. Have a brain and learn from this passage: "4 But Jesus said, “Prophets are honored by everyone, except the people of their hometown and their relatives and their own family.” 5 Jesus could not work any miracles there, except to heal a few sick people by placing his hands on them. 6 He was surprised that the people did not have any faith." (Mark 6:4-6). What the Master addresses here is the so common reality that few choose faith. Instead way preferring Hell forever. That's there option. But you, my dear friend, can so play it differently. Just choose faith. Absolute Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to be people of faith so we can be with You forever. In Your name, amen.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Awesome Lord

DA JAIRUS STORY IS ONE OF GREAT JOY. Given that his daughter got instantly healed due to his faith./ So we can this day share in this great happiness and simply participate in the very same way./ Yep, so doable when ya simply call upon our dear Saviour and treasure His infinite power longing/ To reach your heart for the cause of rescuing folks about you. They so need your attention!

Jesus Raises the Dead

DA JAIRUS STORY IS ONE I PRAY UPON MY KNEES EVERY MORNING AROUND 3AM. And why? Cause it's such a lovely story of how our dear Master can easily heal someone from death. Piece of cake for Him. But we, happily, can enjoy this story and savor the beauty of how the awesome Messiah reaches the needy to rescue them. Consider this: "After Jesus had sent them all out of the house, he took the girl’s father and mother and his three disciples and went to where she was. 41-42 He took the twelve-year-old girl by the hand and said, “Talitha, koum!”[g] which means, “Little girl, get up!” The girl got right up and started walking around. Everyone was greatly surprised. 43 But Jesus ordered them not to tell anyone what had happened. Then he said, “Give her something to eat.” (Mark 5:40-43). So the callin falls upon our hearts this day. Do ya want to share in His fearsome ability to heal others through you? I've done it for sure. So do it! Our precious Saviour, we do ask that You would please help us to have this level of faith. In Your fearsome name, amen!

Monday, April 6, 2015

WE GET TA ENJOY THE MAJESTY OF THE LOVELY CHRIST AGAIN. Yep, finding him healing in His magical style, we see the wonder to His touch. The story again holds promise for the beauty of faith within a person. Somebody with a brain. We see the story read this way: "30 At that moment Jesus felt power go out from him. He turned to the crowd and asked, “Who touched my clothes?” 31 His disciples said to him, “Look at all these people crowding around you! How can you ask who touched you?” 32 But Jesus turned to see who had touched him. 33 The woman knew what had happened to her. She came shaking with fear and knelt down in front of Jesus. Then she told him the whole story. 34 Jesus said to the woman, “You are now well because of your faith. May God give you peace! You are healed, and you will no longer be in pain.” (Mark 5:30-34). So hear we humans get to encounter a precious drawing aside the infinite Christ and see Him heal. It feels great. Especially, of course, to her. But the obvious take away for us is to somehow live the same sort of life. Not worries, ya cannot possibly live it like me, but ya sure can perform life like her. Be a person of faith! Our dear Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to have this level of faith. In Your dear name, amen.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Let Jesus Step in

SO THIS DAY THERE AWAITS SOME GREAT PROMISE FOR THOSE willin to participate in the likings of Heaven./ It appears just as we read in this Jesus passage regarding the might of Him to rejoin our need./ He, of course, awaits our interest in seeing this good stuff done provided we can just build faith./ Since faith happens to be the true currency that the Messiah treasures to allow Him to intervene for good.

Striking Jesus

ONE OF THE WONDROUS THINGS ABOUT OUR LORD, is His sweet ability to fix everything instantly; He knows how. Since He made everything we see today out of nothing. Yep, that's His amazing capability. So the vast need today is for everyone to gather in their mind the promise of the Christ and then participate in His deep need to see it all play out right. That's His longin. We find this: "39 Jesus got up and ordered the wind and the waves to be quiet. The wind stopped, and everything was calm. 40 Jesus asked his disciples, “Why were you afraid? Don’t you have any faith?” 41 Now they were more afraid than ever and said to each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” (Mark 4:39-41). The entertaining portion of this account happens to be in the way people respond to the great power of the Messiah. No surprise. Since people are people. Frail souls that find His preeminence way tough to fathom. But so doable. So our callin this day is to simply fully trust His interest in doing this very same thing among us. Great Jesus, we do pray that You would kindly help us to have strong faith so You can work among us. In Your name, amen.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How does God's Kingdom Appear in the World?

THERE'S CERTAINLY CONTENT IN SCRIPTURE that bears appreciation regarding how the Kingdom can appear. When sown properly. We get this assurance from the Christ: "30 Finally, Jesus said: What is God’s kingdom like? What story can I use to explain it? 31 It is like what happens when a mustard seed is planted in the ground. It is the smallest seed in all the world. 32 But once it is planted, it grows larger than any garden plant. It even puts out branches that are big enough for birds to nest in its shade." (Mark 4:30-32). What the Lord seeks to explain here is the truth that God's kingdom can in fact be grown before you. All that's needed is to sow it right and then foster the growth. Knowing that it rises most assuredly and then become something of significant size and influence. The magic of God appearing amidst us. I've done this many times in life and know it works so well. So the question for you is, do ya want to enjoy this? Sweet Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to sow Your kingdom well in this world. In Your name, amen.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Finding it

TO BE SURE, there remains an incredibly strong pull upon ya from Satan to be ever dull./ Since you're tempted to sin constantly, this tug always yanks you toward Hell and you must fight it./ If ya ever hope to escape Hell and be one of the rare ones with wisdom willing to gain the sight of Jesus./ Know that He longs for you to grasp this and find His care that can way defeat Satan in you.

Why People don't get it

THERE'S A UNIVERSAL TRUTH WORTH CONTEMPLATING. It's the fact that people have a strong pull to be forever stupid. Not in terms of making a living or having a mate, but in terms of escaping Hell. I say this because now nearly everybody lands in Hell forever. Not a pleasant place to. When ya have an option. How can this be? Consider this outlook that the Christ presents: “These people will look and look, but never see. They will listen and listen, but never understand." (Mark 4:12). What the Messiah explains here is the dominant reason nearly all go to Hell. As Satan constantly works diligently within everyone to make this so. And nearly all cooperate, to his glee. But you can play it differently. By constantly fighting his pull and choosing the better course that our lovely Master constantly offers you. Great Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to see well and listen to You well. In Your name, amen.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Knowing how to do Religion

SO HERE'S HOW IT CAN APPEAR. To fathom the mystery of Jesus' infinite understand of true religion./ Yep, it looks exactly as He teaches in Mark and, joyfully, proposes to you and me to make our person./ Not hard at all. Provided you can fight Satan in you always and hold tight to His dear edict./ That awaits your heart and mine to so treasure for the cause of connecting with a fine life that connects.

Jesus Logic

IT ALWAYS HELPS TO PONDER SCRIPTURE TO BETTER UNDERSTAND LIFE. Since, happily, the Messiah has been so kind to us to explain in detail the nature of His worldview. The one that truly matters. Since He out of thin air created our world for you to live in it. And, at your birth, smiled at the prospect of what your life could become. Consider this: "27 Jesus finished by saying, “People were not made for the good of the Sabbath. The Sabbath was made for the good of people. 28 So the Son of Man is Lord over the Sabbath.” (Mark 2:27-28). So what is the Christ gettin at here? The notion, of great importance, that we are to use common sense in matters of religion. Knowing, for sure, that people, all but yours truly, shall always pull for legalism. Somethin that the lovely Lord despises. So think like Him and enjoy a blessed life. Awesome Jesus, we do ask that You would help us to be wise and know real religion is all about caring for others. In Your holy name, amen.